Our company produces 35KV, 20KV, 10(15)KV and 1KV cold shrinking, heat shrinking indoor and outdoor terminals and intermediate joints. All products are produced in accordance with IEC 60502.4, IEEE 48 and GB 12706.4. In addition, our products also meet our unique and rigorous reliability tests. Therefore, Huayi cable accessories have industry-leading reliability, can meet the severe challenges of various overvoltages in power systems, can greatly improve the reliability and stability of cable lines, and are rated as the best cable accessories by first-line users. Experts in the high school test praised cable accessories better than foreign famous brands.

Heat shrink/cold shrink cable accessories



Chengdu Huayi Heat Shrinkable Products Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of cold shrinkable, heat shrinkable products and optical communication wiring equipment. It is an excellent enterprise of ISO international quality system certification enterprise and information industry department. A team of engineers and senior engineers with a Ph.D. The company has advanced technology, first-class equipment, high-level quality management, users all over the world, and the products are exported to foreign countries. The company's main products include heat shrinkable cable accessories, cold shrink cable accessories, heat shrink tubing for communication, heat shrink tubing for oil pipelines, cold shrink tubing for communication base stations, and optical communication wiring equipment.


Our company is a sincere friend of the majority of users, with outstanding reputation, considerate service, timely delivery, reasonable price, and implements three guarantees. Under normal operation and use, the product will be replaced if it has quality problems within 30 years.

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