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The Beijing Municipal People's Government praised the power of the Chinese enterprise and gave more than one million special fun

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2018/01/30 14:51
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The "Social Media Sync Sharing" feature is set up under each garment. When customers choose their favorite clothes,

Responding to "Several Opinions of the Beijing Municipal People's Government on Further Strengthening Coordination to Support the Development of High-Tech Industries", promoting the transformation of high-tech in Beijing and driving the development of emerging enterprises.

The Beijing Municipal Committee of Science and Technology, the Development and Reform Commission, the Finance Bureau, the Economic Informationization Center, the Zhongguancun Committee, and the Zhongguancun Committee have confirmed the application in accordance with the “Beijing High-tech Transformation Project Recognition Measures”.

Passed, the "full network portal" declared by China Enterprise Power (full name: large-scale cluster deployment e-commerce multi-response development cloud platform industrialization project), through the identification of more than one million yuan of special funds to support.

This shows that the “network-wide portal” is recognized by the market and relevant departments, with outstanding technical level, broad market prospects and significant social and economic benefits.

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The high-tech achievement transformation project in Beijing has a high threshold.

1. It must be a strategic emerging industry supported by national policies, such as a new generation of information technology industry, biological industry, energy conservation and environmental protection industry, new energy automobile industry, new energy industry, and high-end equipment manufacturing industry.

2. The enterprise must be registered in Beijing with a registered capital of not less than 1 million.

3. With domestic advanced technology and above, the intellectual property rights are clear, the actual investment amount is more than 5 million, and the sales income in the past three accounting years is more than 5 million.

In addition to these, what are the strengths and breakthroughs of China Enterprise Power? I have summarized the following 3 points.

Excellent strength, excellent product gene

There are as many as 2,000 declared projects, but only 150 projects were finally adopted.

150 projects were divided into 3 categories.

The first category is a project with a particularly high level of technology, a particularly broad market prospect, and particularly significant economic and social benefits. For example, Aerospace Long March Rocket Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Aerospace Microelectronics Technology Co., Ltd., China Railway 22nd Bureau Group The company has 10 state-owned enterprises and central enterprises that support the project.

The second category: “Projects with outstanding technical level, broad market prospects and significant economic and social benefits” are the second series of projects, including 30 enterprises including China Enterprise Power Co., Ltd. and Beijing Zhongdian Huada Electronic Design Co., Ltd.

Three categories: The remaining 110 are the third sequence of projects.

Technical strength is hard, market feedback is direct

Can be identified through this results transformation project:

1. The whole network portal is a cloud-based product integrated with enterprise Internet marketing management independently developed by China Enterprise Power based on cloud platform technology service. It is suitable for all kinds of enterprises and is the ultimate solution for enterprises to establish stations.

Second, it provides enterprises with coverage marketing channels, marketing tools, content packaging design, and assisted online business connections. It can solve the problem of fragmented single marketing, inconvenient management, low quality of marketing display content, high creative cost, and low reuse rate. Problems such as business loss caused by marketing and business isolation.

Third, the entire network portal has six major characteristics to be concerned:

1. Quickly establish multi-channel coverage of marketing channels, covering mainstream contacts and access forms;

2. Personalized content creative design to achieve better results at a lower cost;

3, enterprise content centralized management, easy to use, easy to share, easy to spread;

4. Unified intention and customer information collection management, direct docking back-end system follow-up management;

5, embedded plug-ins, system external and extended customization, it is easier to extend from the portal to the business;

6. Personalized design, full-time content maintenance service saves time and worry, and exclusive butler service operation is more secure.

Big brand, sufficient service experience

With more than 19 years of professional experience, CE Dongli has been empowering companies in the development process to help companies transform their networks.

As a company's digital counterparts, China Enterprise Power has served nearly one hundred sub-sectors in 14 major industries including manufacturing, services, IT Internet, construction and real estate, foreign trade, logistics, and retail, with 1.2 million+ enterprise users.

With the digital service of “Marketing Digitalization→Transaction Digitization→Customer Management Digitalization”, the company can better adapt to the Internet environment and help enterprises to improve their operation efficiency with lower cost, higher efficiency and faster response.

With the launch of the China Enterprise Cloud Platform, the China Enterprise Power Cloud, the cloud platform is used to help enterprises with horizontal digital operations and vertical industry solutions.

For example, when designing for China's foreign trade clothing company “Tianzi Swimwear”, it not only realized the native-level translation of the website, but also allowed foreign consumers to browse the domestic website in general, and at the same time, to help the enterprise to maximize the business opportunities.

The "Social Media Sync Sharing" feature is set up under each garment. When customers choose their favorite clothes, they can share them with their family and friends through social software such as Twitter and Face Book at any time. This will help guide more consumers to browse the company's website and promote sales to a greater extent.

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