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The main force for the future of power installation is the cold shrink cable accessory

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2018/06/13 14:48
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With the introduction of the “elimination of heat-shrinkable products” policy proposed by the country for the cable accessories industry,

With the introduction of the “elimination of heat-shrinkable products” policy proposed by the country for the cable accessories industry, all major cable accessory manufacturers are actively transforming to reduce import demand, and Zhejiang Wanxun Power Co., Ltd. relies on a keen market vision. In the forefront of the situation, taking the lead in the industry to actively develop new products, with strong technical force and unremitting efforts to achieve good performance, is the industry's leading benchmarking enterprise. It is worth mentioning that in the after-sales service that customers pay attention to, our company always adheres to the service tenet of “user is God”, and tries every means to meet all the needs of users and establishes a group of top technicians. After-sales service team, hired senior senior engineers to personally lead the team, provide free technical consultation and transfer professional on-site installation and guidance services, bringing each customer the highest level of consumer experience.

As we all know, the cold-shrinkable cable accessory is a new type of environmentally-friendly component that is formed by injection molding of an elastomer material and supplemented by a plastic spiral support. It has become the first choice for power installation engineering because of its small size, convenient operation, no special work, wide application range and few product specifications. Its appearance has not only successfully replaced the application of heat shrinkable cable accessories in the power range, but also made special contributions to energy conservation and environmental protection, ease of installation and its own safety, and has become the main force for future power installation.

From the early cold-shrink cable terminations to the cold-shrinkage control tubes that are commonly used today, the cold-shrinkable cable accessories have been transformed again and again. Compared to heat-shrinkable cable accessories, cold-shrink cable accessories do not require heating during installation. And the movement or bending after installation does not cause the risk of disengagement between the inner layers of the attachment like the heat-shrinkable cable attachment. This is also an important reason that people in the industry love it. It is not only easy to install, but also more environmentally friendly and energy-saving. It has won the favor of the power transformation department.

And Zhejiang Wanxuan Power Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Liuqing City, the capital of China's electrical appliances. It is known as the China Electric City. It has a dense industrial cluster and scale advantages. The company has emerged in such a strong atmosphere. After more than ten years of accumulation, Zhong Jiazhi has become a comprehensive enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales. The company's main products include cold-shrinkable cable accessories, heat-shrinkable cable accessories, and high-voltage cable plugs. Cable accessories such as cable branch boxes, bus bars, bus bars, and primary and secondary cold-press terminals. The company now has a number of internationally advanced professional production lines, with its focus in the field of power product research and development to provide each customer with high-quality products and perfect pre-sale, sale, after-sales service, to provide customers with the most The integrated professional service of value is the primary choice for the power installation industry!