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What should you pay attention to when heat shrinking?

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2018/07/05 14:49
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One principle we often hear is the principle of thermal expansion and contraction.

One principle we often hear is the principle of thermal expansion and contraction. But what we have to admit is that there is such a material that will break such a law in the future. Among them, high temperature heat shrinking is one such principle. Products produced using this principle are considered to be heat-shrinkable tubes. The emergence of this product has caused a lot of changes in many products with limited life. So what do we need to pay attention to in the process of using this product? After all, safety is the first important.

High-temperature heat shrinkage is the principle used by heat-shrinkable tubes, and now many of the insulation protection of inductors is achieved by using heat-shrinkable tubes. This is also why the above mentioned products have greatly increased the use time of other products because of this product. The most important material of this product is also a polymer material, and its biggest feature is that it can be transformed from the beginning of the plastic to the rubber after heating after heating.

Of course, there are many things that need to be paid attention to during the use of heat-shrink tubing according to high-temperature heat shrinking. For example, when it is below 84 degrees Celsius and above 120 degrees, this product has no way to achieve such a function of shrinkage. When the temperature is below minus 55 degrees and above 120 degrees, the working efficiency of the product will be affected. So pay attention to this aspect in the process of use.

In addition, there is another problem in the process of using the heat-shrinkable tube made according to the principle of high-temperature heat shrinking. The problem is that the type of the product is also various, and it is also required according to the specific requirements during the purchase process. The selection is made, and only the heat-shrink tubing that is purchased in this way will help the corresponding product to increase its service life.

Of course, there is another problem that needs to be paid attention to. Do not think that the product itself has certain advantages, so it does not value the high-temperature heat shrinking principle of the product itself. If there is no corresponding scientific and technological breakthrough in this aspect, then for us, our technology will not be able to enter so fast.

We also have reason to believe that there will be more products in the future because of the high temperature and heat shrinkage in our lives, and the products invented according to this principle will continue to improve in terms of quality and become a life that people cannot Missing partner.