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Optic Cross-Connection Cabinet GXF-H08A

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Optic Cross-Connection Cabinet GXF-H08A

Optic Cross-Connection Cabinet is designed for the connection between the Optical fiber cable and the main points, and it is a kind of port device. It has the function of direct or indirect connection, coiling, storage, and dispatching on the fiber cable.

Meets the National Communication Industry Standrad YD/T 988-2007
Standard cabinet body, made of high intensity, anti-corrosve, anti-aging stainless steel, adapting various weather conditions and vandals.
Case Surface is coated by Electrostatic powder spraying with nice appearance.
Case body is made by dobule layer structure with high quality heat insulating material in it and help preventing water evaporating and condensation in cabinet
Special door seal and water-proof lock offer excellent security and sealing.
Standard module structure and optic connecting module can be operated outside the cabinet.
Welding & distribution module can be easily installed with FC,SC,ST,LC adaptors.
Suit for ribbon or non-ribbon fibers.
Ensure the bend radius is less than 40mm in any position.
Obliquity of 30° ensures the bend radius of patch cord and avoid laser burning eyes
Completed marks

Connector loss: ≤0.5dB
Insertion loss: ≤0.2dB
Retune loss: PC≥45dB, UPC≥50dB,APC≥60dB
Working times: >1000
Insulation resistance: ≥20000MΩ/500V (DC)
Dielectric strength: ≥3000V(DC)/1 min, no breakdown, no arc

24core, 48core, 72core, 96core, 114core, 144core, 192core, 216core, 240core, 288core, 576core

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