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Low pressure cold shrinking terminal

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2018/05/08 14:51
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In the past few years, because of the high price of the low-pressure cold-shrinking terminal,

Cold-shrinkable cable accessories are mainly divided into two major categories of products, cold-shrinking terminal heads and intermediate connections. According to the different voltage-tolerance levels, they can be roughly divided into low-voltage and high-voltage cold-shrinkable cable accessories. The low-pressure cold-shrinking terminal is also referred to as a low-pressure cold-shrink cable head, and is mainly used for connection on a cable terminal. Cable accessories are installed with a top-to-bottom rule. High-voltage cable accessories can be used on low-voltage cables, but low-voltage cold-shrinking terminals must never be installed on high-voltage cables! Otherwise, cable accessories can burst and cause cable shorts, even Serious consequences such as fire.

What is the difference between the low-pressure cold-shrinking terminal and the high-voltage? The low-voltage cable cores are many, from single-core to five-core. We have developed the same five types of heat-shrinking terminals. The low-pressure cold-shrinking terminal of the color-cooled insulated tube is convenient for distinguishing and later repairing. High-voltage cables are generally three-core in addition to single-core, so our high-pressure cold-shrinking terminals are only available in these two categories. However, since the voltage volts is high and the risk factor is also large, the high-voltage cold-shrinkable cable terminals are classified into indoors and outdoors according to the environment used, and the low-pressure cold-shrinking terminals have no indoor or outdoor points.

In the past few years, because of the high price of the low-pressure cold-shrinking terminal, almost no one was interested in the market when it first came out, but with the advantages of later installation, convenient and stable performance, it has gradually gained people's recognition. The low-pressure cold-shrinking terminal is better than the heat-shrinkable terminal cable accessory in real-time sealing state. From a long-term perspective, the low-pressure cold-shrinking terminal is cheap and simple.